Earn on the falling crypto market!

Bitcoin and the whole cryptocurrency market are experiencing tough times, but it's good for you! Many major players have temporarily stopped mining. The total capacity of the equipment used for mining decreased and the reward for the remaining miners raised. It means now you have a great chance to get ahead and earn more than ever.

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Your hardware power matters

The rate of BTC and other cryptocurrencies has significantly decreased and it has become less profitable to mine them. Some competitors have already left the market, so the rest of the miners can earn more now. While others are still in doubt — act!

Level of competition in mining networks

Profitability level of crypto mining farms
BTC - Bitcoin
ETH - Ethereum
BCH - Bitcoin Cash
XMR - Monero
ZEC - ZCash
The maintenance of a large mining farm isn’t cheap. It requires expensive hardware, tech support, paying rental fees, and also staff’s time. For many big players, it’s no longer worth the hassle — but for you, it's an opportunity to earn even more!
The amount of active miners
Cryptocurrencies transaction volume
The lower the competition in the mining network, the higher the income of each active miner.

Mine now, sell later

Cryptocurrencies have had many ups and downs before — there is no doubt that the Bitcoin rate will increase again soon. Now when there is less competition among miners, you can mine cryptocurrency faster. And when the rate starts to grow, you can sell it profitably.

BTC / USD rate history

Do not pay attention to rate fluctuations — they've happened before. When BTC goes up again, you will get a profit.

What's the easiest way to start mining?

The simplest and most effective mining solution today is CryptoTab Browser. You just install the browser, log in and turn on mining — the process is started! Use the browser in a standard way or just leave the window open in the background — the rest will be done by our smart built-in mining algorithm.

Chrome-based browsing experience
Built-in CryptoTab mining features
Sync everything across multiple devices
Blazing fast and lightweight browser

Brief explanation video about CryptoTab Browser

Watch this short promo video to learn more about CryptoTab Browser and its advantages

Easy to import your data from another browser and sync it across multiple devices

Import your bookmarks, favorites list, history, extensions, etc. from any of your previously used browsers and continue browsing with the same UI and additional mining features.

Contains an easy-to-start mining solution

CryptoTab Browser includes a built-in mining algorithm that allows you to use your computer resources more effectively than in extension format. It increases mining speed up to 8 times as well as your BTC earnings.

Mine bitcoins on your own and invite friends if you want to make your income bigger!

Explain the benefits of active CryptoTab Browser usage to people that you invite. The more profit they get, the more you earn!

Improve your browser experience with over 150k extensions

Set up your browser using various extensions for your purposes. Get ad-block and security solutions, enhance your productivity, add custom design themes, and much more.

Use CryptoTab Browser as your primary one to increase earnings

Mining speed is higher when the browser is active. Use CryptoTab Browser for your everyday needs, surf your favorite websites, watch movies, and so on while getting powerful mining at the same time.

CryptoTab Browser uses CPU resources more efficiently when the browser window is active. Doing so, you get more earnings with the same comfort of computer usage.

You can mine on your mobile device now!

It's now possible to mine cryptocurrency on your mobile device. Fast and handy, CryptoTab will perfectly replace the standard browser on your smartphone or tablet and also bring you additional income.

The world’s first mining web browser
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